Benefits of PPF

10 benefits of paint protection film for your vehicle


Repeated Paint Scratches

Car Grooming Wastes Time

Various Factors of Paint Corrosion

Damaged Paint reduces the value of the car

 Saved on Vehicle insurance

Long Lasting like New Mirror Effect

Rubble Collision

Accidental Scratches during driving

 Long Lasting Stain Resistence

 More of the External Pollution

Types of paint protection film

otto is recognized globally as a top brand of paint protection film


Black ppf

Black paint protection film

Product details

Premium ppf

Premium paint protection film

Improve your car's resale value
Product details

Matte ppf

Matte paint protection film

Protects from fading
Product details

Ultra ppf

Ultra paint protection film

chemical reaction
Product details

Gloss and Matte ppf

You can clearly compare glossy and matte paint protection film and choose according to your own taste


Matte Paint Protection Film

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, then matte PPF will do the job. While the matte finish is growing in popularity, it is still unique enough to get noticed in a crowd.

Gloss Paint Protection Film

With gloss PPF, you will be able to protect your vehicle’s paint from the everyday outdoor and road encounters that cause damage. Even after a couple of years, your vehicle will look like it just came off the factory floor.

Examples of paint protection film

Below you can see some examples of paint protection film



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